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Telecom Carrier and Agency Management (TCAM)
App Overview

TelCloud's "TelCom Carrier and Agency Management" (TCAM) is the only cloud application built exclusively for Telecom Carriers and Telecom/Cloud Services Agencies running on  
What specifically is TCAM - Telecom Carrier and Agency Management?
  • "TCAM", short for Telecom Carrier and Agency Management, is an application that provides everything a Telecom and Cloud Services Agent need to:

    • Increase sales.

    • Operate more efficiently.

    • Ensure receipt of all commissions due from Supplier and Master Agents.

    • Provides an easy way to account for, and apply commission splits to your direct reps and/or sub-agents.

  • TCAM runs natively on  It is designed by Telecom Carriers and Telecom/Cloud Agency experts who understand the challenges of being an independent, straight commission, telecom and cloud services sales agent. It helps you run your business, sell more products and services, and ensures you're paid all the commissions you are due.

Who is TelCloud?
  • TelCloud is a software developer that began as a Telecom Agent in 2002.  Needing the tools to become successful, we were an early adopter of As such we have an almost twenty-year-long association with The Telecom Agency was sold, but we retained the rights to the app.  Now we are a business 100% focused on apps for Telecom and Cloud Services Agencies.  

  • TelCloud is not an agent or a supplier of telecom or cloud services. Therefore unlike a major competitor of ours, which is owned by a global Telecom and Cloud Services distributor, we are not competing with you.  In fact, we help you gain better relationships with suppliers and master agents.

  • TCAM is more secure than competitive systems for telecom carriers and agents because all data is housed on and TelCloud has NO ACCESS to your confidential data.  That is not the case with our industry competitors. Both of which have direct access to your data. While we acknowledge both are reliable, honorable companies, wouldn't you really rather have your confidential information where only you can see it?  TCAM provides this.

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