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Telecom Carrier and Agency Management
Feature Overview
Implementation & Asset Management

What is Implementation and Asset Management?

First comes prospecting.  Then qualification.  Next needs assessment.  Then Quoting. And finally Closing.  You're done then, right?  Wrong.  The hard work is just beginning. 


Everything you sold must now be installed.  That is what the "Implementation" part does.  It helps ensure your products and services are ordered properly, implemented cleanly, bill correctly, and get you paid in the fastest possible way. 

Next comes the Asset Management portion.  Every item you sell has a supplier, a billing account number, and a product or service tied to it.  Each of these items is an Asset.  It has value to you. It is how you make your money.  Therefore, managing the Asset so that any issue the customer may have relating to it can be addressed quickly and easily is an imperative.  Unfortunately other systems Telecom and Cloud Services Agents use, don't deal with the post-sale work.  The Implementation and Asset Management Module in TCAM does.  

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