TCAM Commission Report Examples

Attached below for download are Commission report examples.  


The keys to their usefulness are the following:

  • They are automatically generated every month by the system.  You just need to import the commission records and they are created.

  • These are examples of reports showing a limited number of fields.  For example, you'll notice there is no mention of the Master Agent, which you were concerned about.

  • Any and every field on the Customer Account record, the Supplier Account Record, the Agent Account Record, the Opportunity record, and the Opportunity Commission Account Record can be included or not included.  Which are included are 100% up to you.

  • If you chose to do so you can even include prior months on the report.  Again it is up to you.

Every field on every Salesforce object (Account, Contact, Opportunity, etc.) can be added to any report up to four levels deep. Such as a report including Accounts with Agents and Opportunities and Opportunity Commissions. Contact TelCloud Support for assistance with designing or customizing your Reports and Dashboards.

Commission Report Example 1 - All Agent Monthly Report with a limited number of fields.

Commission Report Example 2 - Agent Commission Report with a limited number of fields.