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TCAM Account Setup

Setup of Account records in TCAM is easy.  There are four Account Record Types that are used with TCAM. They are Customer, Partner, Master Agent, and Supplier. 


Each Record Type calls a specific page layout that includes all the fields needed for the specific type of record it represents.  For example, a Supplier record does not need to be "busied up" with fields relating to commission payment levels and rates. But those fields are crucial to the needs of a Partner record.  So they show up on the Partner record but not the Supplier record.  Of course, you can add any of your other standard or custom fields to the page layouts. 


Record Types are REQUIRED to ensure that only those records are associated with the Opportunity fields allocating commission tracking. For example, on the Opportunity, there are several lookup fields that are filtered so only the correct record type is selected.  

  • Agent or Rep Company is a lookup to only Partner Record Types.

  • Supplier is a lookup to only Supplier Record Types.

  • Opportunity Account is a lookup to any Account Record Type. But is usually the Customer Account Record Type.

  • Master Agent is a lookup only to the Master Agent Record Type.

For each record type we recommend you use the following page Layouts.  Click the link to see each page layout.

Customer Record Type uses page layout:  TelCloud Customer Record Type Layout

Partner Record Type uses page layout:  TelCloud Partner Record Type Layout

Master Agent Record Type uses page layout:  TelCloud Master Agent Record Type Layout

Supplier Record Type uses page layout:   TelCloud Supplier Record Type Layout


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