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Single Location Quotes

Every Prospect and Customer should have an Account record.  The customer we have to do a quote for is a single location. Notice that the Parent Account field is blank.  That indicates this is a single location account.  It is not part of a multi-location customer.

From this account record simply create a new Opportunity.  The address, phone, and other information will be automatically added to the Opportunity to speed your quoting.

Quote Account Single Location.png

Click the "Related" tab and press New on the Opportunity Related List.  Complete the various fields as always.  However, note that the Service Location address fields have a checkbox "Same as Account Address".  The default is checked. Leaving this will copy the address from the Account record so you don't have to reenter it.  If the service location is different, just uncheck the checkbox and enter the correct service installation address. 

Once you've entered all the usual info on the Opportunity, press Save.  It's time to create your quote.

New Opp Service Location.png
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