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for TelCloud TCAM Customers

The information listed here comes from TelCloud Agency Management customer questions. More Best Practices will be added on a regular basis.


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What is the difference between a Lead and an Account/Contact with an Opportunity?

A Lead is any business or person you want to do business with, but to date has not requested a quote or placed their first order.  An Account/Contact with an Opportunity is created when the prospect (Lead) indicates they may want to buy something. In other words, Leads are yet to become "qualified".  Accounts and Contacts with an Opportunity are qualified, in so far as they indicated they do need something you provide. 


EVERYTHING that is done (calls made, emails sent, files attached, whatever...) in prospecting the Lead should be done in the Lead object.  Note:  There will be one Lead record for each contact in the company.  


When the Lead indicates they want a quote or want to place their first order, then and ONLY THEN, should the Lead be converted into an Account and Contact with a related Opportunity. 


If at that time the prospect asks for their first quote or places their first order, if there are multiple Leads for different people at the same company, each should be converted after the first one is converted. When converting additional Leads be sure to attach them to the same account as the first Lead converted. Be sure not to create additional Opportunities for the additional converted leads.  

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