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Load TCAM - Telecom & Cloud Agency Management

Load TCAM in your org.

Note: Loading this application

By loading the application below you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions set forth in the Master Subscription Agreement.  To review and download the MSA click here,


To install TCAM follow these steps.

After clicking the "Press the Install TCAM V7.5 Winter 2023" button below  to load the app, you will be asked to log in.  Log into either your Production or Sandbox Salesforce org.  The TCAM App will load into either.   

After logging in you will see a screen like this:








Select either "Install for Admins Only", "Install for All Users" or "Install for Specific Profiles".  We recommend Install for all users.  Whichever you select, can be changed later.

Take note of the comment.  It indicates that the app is not delivered via the appexchange.  This is correct.  We have elected to not list it on the appexchange as this allows distribution without subjecting you to potential additional costs incurred due to payment of appexchange fees.

Press the Install TCAM V7.5 Winter 2023 button below  to load the app.  You may see a message that the application is taking a long time to install.  That is normal.  Once the install process completes you'll receive an email telling you it has completed.

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