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Telecom Carrier and Agency Management (TCAM)

Installation and Setup Process for TCAM V7.5 Winter 2023

Who should follow this process to install and setup TCAM?

  • Existing TelCloud customers using V5.2 or later.

  • Existing SalesReach Telecom app users using V1 to 5.1

  • Companies using that did not previously use either SalesReach Telecom or TCAM.

    • Requires either Professional, Enterprise, or Unlimited editions.​

Who should NOT follow this process?

  • Companies using Essentials edition.

Need both and TCAM?

  • If you do not currently have a account but would like to try this application, we will set you up on a free trial. 

  • It will include a free trial of for thirty days along with a free trial of TCAM. 

  • Press the TCAM 90 Day Free Trial button, complete the form and we will set it up for you.  No credit card is needed.

Prepare your Org for installation

Log in to your account with an Administrator User ID.

Prepare your Salesforce org as follows:

Click Setup.

Enable Quotes

In the search box type Quotes.

Choose Quotes Setup.

Click Enable Quotes.

After enabling Quotes check the Add List and Append to users' personal related list customization buttons.  Press save.

Enable Product Schedules

In the Setup Search box type "Product Schedules".



Enable Chatter

In the Setup Search box type "Chatter".

Determine if Chatter is enabled.  If not, click Enable Chatter and press save.  Once enabled it will appear as follows.

Enable Notes

In the Setup Search box enter "Notes".

Click Notes Settings.  You'll see a page like the following.  Click the Enable Notes checkbox and press save.

Enable Quotes Add to Layouts - L1.png
Enable Quotes-L1.png
Chatter - Enable.png
Setup Prod Schedules.png
Chatter Settings.png
Notes Setup Search.png
Notes - Enable.png

Switch to Salesforce Classic.


Select Setup from the Salesforce Classic Menu.


Enable Salesforce to Salesforce

In the Quick Find box type "salesforce to salesforce".  You'll see something like this:



Click Salesforce to Salesforce Settings.  Check Enable then enter email and name as shown below.

You are now almost ready to load the TCAM App.  To do so click the Next Button. 


SFDC Classic Set Up Menu1.png
SFDC to SFDC enabled - L1.png
SFDC to SFDC - L1.png
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