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How to Process Commissions page 2

To process your Commission records you'll do the following.

  • Open the Supplier or Master Agents commission report for the Commission Run Month.


BEST PRACTICE:  Save it as a CSV file with the name: "Master Agent name OR Supplier Name" - Commission Run - Month - Year. 


Example:  If TelCloud was Master Agent (we are not) and AT&T was the Supplier and the Commissions were received in January 2021 for payment to subagents in February 2021.  The CSV file could be named:

Add the following required field names in columns as noted.  For consistency we recommend the columns to use.  However, they can be in any column on the CSV file to be imported.



  • Column A - "Commission Run Month".  Format as a text field.​

    • Note:  This is a date within the day, week, month or year that is to be used for the commission reporting.  Generally, this is a date within the month during which you received a commission payment from a Supplier and for which you will report commissions received and those allocated to subagents to pay.  Payment to subagents is typically the month following the commission run month..

      • For example to process the commissions you received in January 2021 and are paying out to your subagents in February 2021 you would use any date from 1/1/2021 to 1/31/2021.  The exact date does not matter so long as it is in the month of the Commission Run.  ​

  • Column B - "Imported Supplier Name".  Format as a text field.

    • Note: This is the Supplier company name that, along with the Supplier ID must match the same field name on the Opportunity to load.​

  • Column C - "Supplier ID".  Format as a text field. 

    • Note: This is the commissionable account number that, along with the Imported Supplier Name must match the same field name on the Opportunity to load.​

  • Column D - "Commission Amount".  Format as a number field with two decimal places and no commas.  Do not format as a currency field.

    • The Commission Amount is the amount you are paid by the supplier even if the payment comes from a Master Agent.​

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