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Telecom Carrier and Agent Management

Commissions are an included application within TelCloud Carrier and Agency Management. It provides all the following functions and ensures you, the one who did the hard work of selling the services gets paid every dollar you are owed.  If you have sub-agents, it lets you pay them easily, accurately, on time, every time.

Built on






The worlds #1 CRM.  It's just better than what you're using.

Ensures You Pay and Get Paid Correctly 

Carriers - Lets you calculate and run commissions for your reps and agents right from Salesforce.

Agents - Automatically audits every sale for every dollar you're owed, ensuring you get paid what you earned.

Pay Your Direct Reps & 1099 Agents



Calculates and pays direct reps and 1099 Agents a virtually unlimited range of comp plans and commission structures.  Easily and automatically.

Reports on Everything





Automatically generates commission reports, audits and reports on short payments, reconciles Bank Deposits versus Commissions, etc.

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