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TelCloud Quoting

TelCloud Quoting Opportunity Page.png

Update any Opportunity Details fields necessary. Then to create a quote for your customer you'll follow these steps.

Note:  The details and step-by-step instructions behind each item below can be found in the links for each item.  Your systems administrator may have elected to change some or all of the names shown below.  If so, check with your systems administrator for further instructions.


  1. Add Locations.  This allows you to add one or more locations instantaneously to the Supplier Request.

  2. Supplier Request. A Supplier Request is a list of products and services, term plan requirements, and any other information you need to provide to your suppliers, allowing them to get the pricing and other information you need to create your customers quote.  There is no more sending, tracking, and following up on individual emails to one or more suppliers or master agents.  TelCloud Quoting does this for you directly within

  3. Add Responses.  The suppliers typically will return the service availability, pricing, and often contracts to you by email.  Upon receiving them simply update the fields of information such as the MRC, NRC, Term Plan, etc. to the already existing list of requests.

  4. Final Config.  After all the Suppliers from whom you have requested pricing have responded, it's time to do the final Configuration.  This allows you to select the specific products and services to present to the customer.

  5. Create Customer Quote.  Once the final config is complete TelCloud Quotes automatically updates the Opportunity Product Line Items, by Location,to create your Customer Quote.

Quoting is a powerful yet easy to use feature of TCAM.  What makes TCAM quoting unique is that it supports exactly the process you use every day.  That is, an Opportunity is identified needing quotes from one or more suppliers.  TCAM Quoting does this for you automatically right within the Opportunity. 


Let's take a look.

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