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How to grant TelCloud support access to your Salesforce Org.

Before logging in to a subscriber org, a Salesforce Partner, like TelCloud must be granted access to your Salesforce org. 

Note: The user must have a TCAM License assigned to them. 

Click here for instructions on how to assign licenses for a Managed Package.

To grant login access, your user, with a TCAM license assigned to them, does the following: 

Go to personal settings and click either Grant Account Login Access or Grant Login Access. If TelCloud isn’t listed, one of the following applies.

  • Your system admin may have disabled the ability for non-admins to grant access.

  • The user doesn’t have a license for the package.

  • The package is licensed to the entire org. Only admins with the “Manage Users” permission can grant access.

  • The org preference Administrators Can Log in as Any User is enabled.

Unless the org preference Administrators Can Log in as Any User is enabled, access is granted for a limited amount of time, and the subscriber can revoke access at any time. Any changes you make while logged in as a subscriber are logged in the audit trail.

Grant TelCloud Login Access.png
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