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Pete Keane Bio Additional Information

Download Zip file of all individual documents listed below.

Pete Keane Portfolio

Each of the documents below should be an assist in determining whether my abilities fit into the sweet-spot of your needs.  Click the List Title to download the document.  Please contact me at (843) 321-4216 or by email with any questions.

PeteKeane Ranger 4-8-2021.png

Pete Keane Resume for download.

This is the cover letter for C2C contract positions.

This is the cover letter for full time - W2 positions.  Please note I will only consider full time W2 positions that are 100% remote or require relocation, are with a Fortune 1000 company, and the location is on the Florida coasts.

This is a downloadable copy of my Salesforce Certified Administrator record.

This is a downloadable copy of some of the many Apex and Visualforce code projects I have done.

Trailblazer 2X Ranger

For thse of you who have Salesforce Trailblazer credentials Pete Keane's Salesforce Trailblazer record is located at

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