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Easy Commissions for Independent Agents

Are you an Independent Sales Agent?  Do you sell products and services on straight commissions?  Do you struggle to know what you are owed and to collect for all the sales you have made?


Easy Commissions ensures you get paid every penny you're owed. It also lets you pay Reps and Sub-Agents any way you want, in virtually any way you want.  With splits built in for up to seven different people or companies.

Easy Commissions is just what the name says. It is an easy and inexpensive way for Independent Agents who use Salesforce to import & track commissions received from their suppliers for every Opportunity they have closed. Then pay their reps and agents too.

How to Install Easy Commissions

Click the "Get it Here" button above.

Follow the prompts to install it in your production or sandbox org.

Assign Users

Click the Setup gear icon. 

In the Set up search bar enter "Installed Packages".

On the row with Easy Commissions for Independent Agents click on the Manage Users link.

Press Add Users.

Select all the Users who will need access to the app.

Setup Profiles or Permissions

Set up your profiles or Permissions to allow each assigned user access to the application.

Assign Page Views

Assign Page views and add the Easy Commissions fields to the Opportunity record.

Add Easy Commissions to the App Menu

Click on the App Menu.  Drag the Easy Commissions App to the top row of Apps.

You're Ready

Click here 

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