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Easy Commissions
for Independent Sales Agents

TelCloud Easy Commissions is just what the name says.  It is an easy and inexpensive way for Independent Agents or Sales Reps who use to import the commission reports they receive from their Suppliers, Providers, Telecom Carriers, Cloud Service Providers, Insurance Carriers, etc. and apply those paid commissions to each and every Opportunity they have closed.

Easy Commissions Gets You Paid

Easy Commissions:   Gets You Paid

  • Ensures you get paid every penny you have earned.

  • Automates the importation of commissions records from the Product or Service Provider 

  • Validates that every line item of the commission import has been paid correctly. If not it gets flagged and reported.

Easy Commissions Lets You Pay Others

Easy Commissions:  Calculates and Reports Everything needed to pay your reps and sub-agents.

  • Determines who sold the deal, calculates  the commission they are due to be paid, and generates the reports so you can pay them correctly on-time, every time.

  • Automatically generates both your Master Commission Report and the individual commission reports for each Sub-Agent or Rep.

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