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TelCloud Agency Management - Commission Processing

How to Import Supplier Commission Records

To import commissions you'll use either the Data Import Wizard, Dataloader or   Click the links below to go to the instructions for using each of the three Import tools.

Data Import Wizard is an included and easy to use tool already within your environment.  

Data Loader is a client app for the bulk import and export of data. is a free tool that allows the user to import supplier commission reports directly into TelCloud Commission.

You can use the Import Commission Spreadsheet located here as a template.  Or you can simply add the following columns to the file you received from the Supplier. There are certain required fields, recommend fields, and optional fields that may be imported.

Before we bigin Importing your commission files it is important that you understand how we define certain field names.  These are explained in the definitions below.


TelCloud defines certain fields with naming that is consistent with by not always exactly the same as you may use.  Here is how we define the field names you'll encounter inTelCloud Commissions.

Supplier:  A Supplier is a company or individual with whom you placed an order and they provisioned, installed, and bill the end customer for the item. The item may be a one-time purchase item such as a telephone handset or a recurring revenue service like an Internet circuit for which you are paid on an ongoing basis. The Supplier may pay you directly or they may pay a Master Agent who pays you.


The important issue is that the Supplier name MUST EXACTLY MATCH the Supplier field on the Opportunity. The Import Commissions field name is "Imported Supplier Name".  This value in this field on your Import CSV file, directly relates to and is matched to the Supplier field on the Opportunity.

Supplier ID:  This is the commissionable account number that, for residual-based services is ALWAYS THE SAME on the commission report month after month.  It may be called by different names by different suppliers.  Or even within a specific Supplier, it may be called by different names by different products or services. 


The important issue is that whatever it is called the Supplier ID MUST EXACTLY MATCH the Supplier ID field on the Opportunity. Don't worry if you don't have the Supplier ID before you do your import.  TelCloud Commissions handles that magnificently.  More on that later...

Commission Run Month:   This is a date within the day, week, month, or year that is to be used for the commission reporting.  Generally, this is a date within the month during which you received a commission payment from a Supplier and for which you will report on the commissions you received and those that are allocated for payment to Agents or Reps as commissions.  Payment to Agents or Reps is typically the month following the commission run month.

For example to process the commissions you received in January 2021 and are paying out to your Agents or Reps in February 2021 in the Commission Run Month field you would use any date from 1/1/2021 to 1/31/2021.  The exact date does not matter so long as it is in the date range of the month of the Commission Run.  ​If you pay over different periods of time, such as weekly, quarterly, or annually, the same applies. The Commission Run Month is a date within the date range you use to report on and pay commissions for.

Commission Amount:  The Commission Amount is the amount you are paid by the supplier even if the payment comes through a Master Agent.

Master Agent:  A Master Agent is a company with whom you may place an order and from which you may receive payment of commissions. As they neither install or bill the service they are not considered a Supplier.  They are of course a middle organization that provides certain value-added services to you.  We account for them both on Opportunities and in Commissions to allow you to determine product or service sourcing and gather performance reporting.  

Note:  TelCloud Commissions allows you to split commissions with multiple companies and contacts within those companies.  These split recipients are not a factor for Importing Commissions.  However, it is important to understand who they are and how they relate to the commissions you are importing.  As such we are providing these definitions here.

Agent or Rep Company:  This is a lookup to a Account record with a "Partners" Record Type. For sales made by Agents or Partners, this is the Account record for the primary recipient company of the commissions you will pay out. For Direct Sales within your company, this is a Account record used to aggregate all contacts with the same commission plan together.

Agent or Rep Contact Name:  This is the contact who is the designated person to whom commissions are attributed at an Agent or Rep Company.

Additional Agent or Rep Name - 1st Split: Within the Agent or Rep Company there can be up to three people receiving a split on the one Opportunity.  This is the first additional split beyond the Agent or Rep Contact.

Additional Agent or Rep Name - 2nd Split: This is the second additional split within the same Agent or Rep Company.

In addition to the Agent or Rep Company and its three splits there can be an additional two other companies that share in the commission Splits.  These are:

Other Company 1:  Is lookup to an Account record that may or may not be a "Partner" Account Record Type. This allows you to split commissions between the Agent or Rep Company, which is a "Partner" and companies that may include Suppliers, Customers or other Partners.

Other Company 2:  Is lookup to a second Account record that may or may not be a "Partner" Account Record Type. This allows you to split commissions between the Agent or Rep Company, and "Other Company 1" and this company.  This too may include Suppliers, Customers or other Partners.

Finally, there is one more Split potential.  This allows an override to be paid to someone internal to your company, or external to your company.  The field name is "Channel Manager".  But this label, like all labels in TCAM, can be changed to anything you want it to be. See Translation Workbench Override Custom Field Labels.

Channel Manager:  This is a split recipient that may be an employee or team within your company or outside your company.  This is a Account records of any record type.  

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