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TCAM Commissions Q&A

Customers ask lots of questions about TCAM Commissions.  If someone is asking them, we are pretty sure others may have similar questions.  So, we will post them here for you to read and review.  Look for this list to grow.  If you want to get updates on additions to this list just enter your authorization for us to email you in the form on the right.

1.  Question: I'm setting up TCAM and want to import past months. Can I do this? 

Answer:  Yes you can. Click Here for the full answer.

2.  Question:  We were working up setting up TCAM Commissions for an internal employee, John.  We added him to an Opportunity that already had Opportunity Commissions on it.  When I run my reports, this shows as John being the Agent, but the Agent or Rep Company Commissions are $0.


  1. Are the Agent or Rep Company Commissions only run on Load Commissions?

  2. If so, do I need to delete the existing related Opportunity Commissions and then reimport and run Load Commissions again?


  1. Yes.  Opportunity Commissions are permanently fixed on the record when it is created.  This is a CRITICALLY IMPORTANT FUNCTION that ensures the accuracy of the records as things change down the line. Click Here for the full answer.

  2. Maybe.  Click Here to see the full answer to your second question.

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