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TelCloud Quotes - Add Locations

Adding Locations is easy.  Depending on whether the service address is a single, stand-alone location, or one of hundreds, you can do one quote request for all of them.  It all begins with following Best Practices for Account Hierarchies. Click here to see them.

On each Account record is a field "Parent Account". When doing a TelCloud Quote each location from the Parent Account and below can be included in a quote. Let's look at an example.

IT Solutions company is a multi-location company that needs a quote for three of their locations.  

Open the Account record for the IT Solutions Company by searching for it and selecting it from the search results.  Notice the Account Site field. It designates which location is which.

Clicking on the IT Solutions Company brings you to their Account record. 

On the right side of the graphic above, you see "View Account Hierarchy".  That will bring you to a page that looks like this.

By following the Best Practice of setting up Multi-Location accounts using the Account Hierarchy structure allows you to create, for IT Solutions Company, a new three location Opportunity from the Parent Account record all locations can be included in the TelCloud Quote.

Account Hierarchy 0.png
Account Hierarchy 1.png
Account Hierarchy 2.png
Create Opportuntiy
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